Watching the group presentation on LinkedIn was enlightening. For the most part, I have tried to get my professional page to follow all the guidelines I’ve read online and heard from professional companies. The class presentation simply reiterated those points and reminded me to stay on top of it. I think it is an awesome tool that is very helpful at this point in my professional career. You can apply for jobs, look up co-workers or past professional connections, and promote yourself and your own brand.¬†The presentation was helpful towards understanding how to better utilize the social networking site and for a refresher on the do’s and don’ts. Here are some of the main points I gathered from the presentation:

  1. Have a professional profile picture. First impressions matter!
  2. Personalize your connection requests.
  3. Don’t let your profile remain inactive.
  4. Provide detailed descriptions of past positions.
  5. Share content that is interesting, relevant, and fits your brand.
  6. Take pride in your profile!

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Soon to be graduate of Georgia State University with interests in event management, craft beer, and unicorns.

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