Snapchat for Journalists

Living in a world with the rise of multiple social media platforms can be a tough thing for a journalist to navigate, especially when they are not well versed on the medium they are trying to use. Being a millennial, I understand social media and how to effectively use it and I think Snapchat is a wonderful tool for journalism. Understanding what type of stories can be told through Snapchat is important. Reporting through the app works best if you are on the scene and there is a lot of activity around. Getting interviews and short clips relating to the topic you are covering are a wonderful thing to add to you Snapchat Story. There are many filters that can be created and applied and it is easy to find content relative to your location. I think that during the election, many journalists successfully used Snapchat to cover the DNC and RNC. They had politicians take over and interviewed many voters. Since each clip is short, it is easy to keep the viewer entertained and informed in a few short seconds.


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Soon to be graduate of Georgia State University with interests in event management, craft beer, and unicorns.

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