20 Reasons to Major in Journalism

According to the Huffing Post, I’m on the right track (ha! take that Mom and Dad). Who cares what people say? Pursue your dreams and follow that itch. And if that itch doesn’t go away, maybe consult a doctor. But seriously, follow your passion and sniff out that story. Here’s the top 10 reasons from this article to major in journalism!

1. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat
2. Say goodbye to the cubicle
3. You heard it First!
4. Feed your narcissism
5. Build a network
6. You speak good
7. Learn new things
8. Tell stories for a living
9. Take a walk on the wild side
10. Become a people person



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Soon to be graduate of Georgia State University with interests in event management, craft beer, and unicorns.

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