Binge Worthy: The Great British Bake Off

If you have not been consumed by the release of this show on Netflix, then I need you to cancel your weekend plans, get a box of donuts (trust me, you’re going to need it) and binge away. Both on the donuts and the show.

The Great British Bake Off (GBBO), originally airing on BBC, is better than you thought any baking show could ever be. The judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, well known in the baking community for their baking and cookbook writing, are harsh on contestants but also put a great deal of effort into the challenges they craft for them. They offer constructive criticism along the way that helps the bakers grow throughout the season.

Judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. Isn’t just the cutest? 

The hosts of GBBO are comedic duo  Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. They bring a lighthearted attitude to the show that reminds viewers and contestant alike not to take anything too seriously.

Hosts Mel Giedrovc and Sue Perkins

The contestants on the show are regular people who fancy themselves hot shot bakers. They are mothers, fathers, university students, firefighters, teachers, and there’s even a NASA space engineer in the mix. They are given 10 weeks to prove themselves in the tent (they bake in a big tent in a field, its not random…) and go home with the title of Star Baker.

Even the creations that Paul and Mary deem unworthy of their critically acclaimed praises look downright delicious to me. I salivate on the couch and then rummage through the cupboards looking for anything to satisfy my sweet-tooth. Each challenge tests the bakers skills and they eliminate someone, or maybe even two people, each week.

It may sound like just another lame cooking show, but trust me!





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