Top Local Summer Beers, Listen Up Atlanta.

I love beer. Not in the my boyfriend loves beer so I tag along and let him tell me what to order kind of way, because just no. I love beer in the oh my god give me that funky sour sweet goodness that electrifies me kind of way. Bartending at a craft beer bar certainly gives me the opportunity to try a multitude of different brews. About 20-25 of our 60 rotating taps are local, so I always get to see what the Atlanta area and southeast region as a whole is pumping out. So before I start this list, all you people losing your shit over Tropicalia, just know it is not on this list. Its good, but I’m not going to kill my firstborn over it like you all act. Also I’m not a huge fan of IPAs. I can appreciate them, but I stray from super hoppy. This list is meant to help you find that refreshingly yummy beer on a hot summer day. Now, here we actually go:

5. Arches Unseasonal Lager-Hapeville, GA

An all around delicious lager with a more multidimensional flavor. It is malty and amber in color but drinks light and crisp. Perfect in-between beer for those who want something flavorful but light.

The perfect beach beer! Tell dad to graduate from the Miller Lite

4. Orpheus Atalanta– Atlanta, GA

A tart plum saison? Say no more. This beer has brought my palate a much needed refresher many a times. It is fruity, funky, and a bit spicy from the yeast used. Its the perfect beer to enjoy any meal with.


3. Red Hare Ain’t That a Peach– Marietta, GA

Wheaty, sweet, and mildly tart, this berliner weisse from Red Hare Brewing Company is a pleasant surprise. To be honest, I find a lot of their beer pretty “blah” or “just okay” but I will definitely be drinking this beer on a nice warm summery day.


2. Three Taverns Rapturous– Decatur, GA

This tart raspberry beer is a lacto-fermented sour ale that is made with raspberry puree and a wheat and pilsner malt base. It satisfies your sour cravings in just one sip and has a fruit-forward flavor profile that sweetens as you enjoy. Definitely delicious.

Ain’t that just beautiful?!

1. Creature Comforts Athena Paradiso– Athens, GA

So its clear Creature Comforts has made quite the name for themselves with their signature IPA, Tropicalia, but to me, the real show stopper is their Athena Paradiso series. My favorite in particular is the brew with tart cherry, raspberry, and cranberry. They also have a passionfruit guava version of this beer that is just scrumptious. Sour berliner weisse with a sweet, fruity and flavorful profile! Those are the things I look for in my go to summer beer. But, unfortunately it is hard to get your hands on this beer not only in cans, but to find on draft as well. You must be diligent and arrive in sync with the delivery truck or you’ll miss your chance! Follow your favorite craft beer stores on social media and keep up with their supply.

Come to mama, beautiful.

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